Nature-Inspired Style

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Latest Summer Styles

Boho Beaded Wraps

Stretchy beaded wraps that can be worn as a bracelet and a necklace in a variety of colors, paired with silver or gold

Stretchy Beaded Necklaces

Stretchy, clasp-free seed bead necklaces with small, nature-oriented pendants and metal embellishments

Beaded Dangle Earrings

From etched Czech glass pendant designs to silver encircled beauties

Wood & Resin Earrings

Natural walnut or light-hued wood paired with dyed resin for pops of color and lightweight designs

Clothing & Accessories

A selection of Boho-inspired styles, from belts to scene-stealing harem pants

Trucker Hats

Nature inspired trucker hat style with birds, feathers, and other cool creatures