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Meadow Sunrise & Silver Tila Bead Stacked Bracelet Set

Meadow Sunrise & Silver Tila Bead Stacked Bracelet Set

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Our shimmery sunrise-colored tila bead bracelet is accompanied by a shiny green and silver Czech glass beaded stretchy wrap that goes around your wrist two times. As two separate pieces for a stacked bracelet look, the Tila bracelet and wrap bracelet can be worn on their own, but they're even better together! Or EVEN better, pair them with matching tile bead earrings!

Our Tila Bead Collection includes a variety of handmade stretchy bracelets made with Japanese glass Miyuki Tila Beads, known for their quality, durability, and beautiful vibrant colors. With a range of bold color patterns, along with more neutral, classic-hued designs, some feature smaller silver or gold Tila beads.

These lightweight Tila Bead Bracelets are perfect worn on their own, or go for the stacked wrap bracelet look, choosing various colors and styles that complement each other and can be worn together or individually. Or choose one of our Stacked Tila Bead Sets, including a Tila bead bracelet and a separate stretchy 2- or 3-wrap bracelet in to accompany it, with complementary colors and stips of gold or silver (these can also be worn on their own). These also look fabulous accompanied by a simple gold or silver chain bracelet or bangle.

These Tila Bead Bracelets are perfect for adding a touch of Bohemian style to your everyday outfits, especially during spring and summer. Wear these boho bracelets to the beach, music festivals, camping trips, work (blah!), or anywhere. They also make great gifts.

Size: Most are approx 6.5 inches around. If you would like another size, send a request to, and we’ll happily make a custom.

NOTE: Due to the handmade nature and different bead mixes, the mixed color bracelets will vary slightly from the photos, and no two are exactly the same, which is pretty cool, eh?

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