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Violet Blue & Silver-Sprinkled Beaded Boho Wrap Bracelet

Violet Blue & Silver-Sprinkled Beaded Boho Wrap Bracelet

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Made from purple-blue-toned Czech glass seed beads with sprinkles of metallic silver. This Boho beaded wrap bracelet wraps around the wrist 5 times. Or combine it with a creamy white and silver 3- or 5-wrap for a free-spirited layered look.

These Boho beaded wrap bracelets come in a wide variety of colors and options for gold or silver metallic beads. The bracelets wrap around the wrist five times or stretch over the head two times worn as a necklace for a lively, free-spirited style.

Blue is a peaceful, calming color associated with trustworthiness and reliability, said to promote feelings of tranquility.​​

Approx. 6.5 inches around

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